Short Film (15:47)
Director's word and short synopsis:
The short film "Astronaut" is a reflection of how childhood molds us into what we become later in life. The film is about parents' responsibility, about how we should protect those in a vulnerable position - even at times of hardship for ourselves.
The film revolves around a phone conversation between a traumatised man and his mother. During the telephone conversation, it becomes apparent that childhood trauma, fueled by the mother's alcoholism, has followed the man into his adulthood. It is a time or reckoning, and the mother has to face the past and the results of her actions.
Backround to the film project
Director Janne Laiho had previously shot and produced a number of poetry videos with Jaana Pesonen, a well-known actor of various films and TV-series in Finland. The collaboration between Laiho and Pesonen has resulted in 1st prize win of Lahti International Poetry Festival  2016 with "Maa II" (written by Pia Houni), among other things. This collaboration has been a fruitful one, and Pesonen immediately agreed to play the lead role in this short film once approached by Laiho.
The production was undertaken as a collaborative effort, with a team of professionals in the areas of film, audiovisual production and post-production, and music. One of the objectives of the project for Laiho, who's also the producer of the film, was to produce quality cinema with minimal resources.
"Most of the time, film productions are too heavily resourced from the get go - to the extent that this prevents a lot of productions from ever happening. This is due to traditional thinking, that overlooks the development of technology, and the world in general, during the last few decades." - Janne Laiho
Music in the film "ASTRONAUT"
The film features an original score by Max Lilja (Tarja Turunen band, ex-Apocalyptica), and contributions from Hannu Ikola and Jukka Salo (Planeetta 9).
Max Lilja is a classically trained cellist and music industry veteran, with credits ranging from principal cellist in Sibelius Academy Symphony Orchestra to playing crowds of over 75,000 at Wacken Open Air.
Hannu Ikola is a respected electronic music artist, producer and performer. He runs the industry staple record label Etherwerks.
Jukka Salo's song "Astronautti" (Astronaut) forms an integral part of the film, acting as an extension to the film's epilogue scene. It's lyrics sum up much of the preceding film, both on an emotional as well as intellectual level. Jukka Salo is an emerging solo artist and the lead vocalist for the critically acclaimed band Planeetta 9.
Film availability
The film is now available to distributors.
Janne Laiho / Kalasatama Creative
tel. +358 45 164 7870
Written, directed and produced by Janne Laiho
Co-produced by Finn Lyckoberg

Felix Franck (Markus as a child)
Jaana Pesonen (Mother)
Joonas Alapoti (Adult Markus, voice)
Petteri Pennilä (Male companion, voice)
Ville Lähde (Adult Markus)
Emmi Holopainen (Girlfriend, voice)

Director of Photography - Sakari Rinta-Valkama
Score Music - Max Lilja
With Music from Hannu Ikola and Jukka Salo
Film editing - Janne Laiho
Sound Design - Juhana Virkkunen
Color Grade - Emmi Holopainen

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